The Kaula erotic mystical tradition, puts a sexual ritual, as the central practice. The physical sexual act is at the same time an abstract contemplative practice. Only the combination of these two leads to a higher state of consciousness.

From the tantric view, the universe arises precisely from the sexual union of Shiva and Shakti (two cosmic poles representing consciousness and existence). Shiva and Shakti blissfully bang together and out of that “big bang” the whole universe surges forth. This banging together is the source of bliss, from which the totality is ejaculated. Through this Shiva (supreme consciousness) transforms himself in creating the world. Although transcendent, he still dwells in all beings. In all that is. All beings retain their connection to Shiva, who emits himself into them.

Because of that, the tantric practice (sadhana) goal is to return to the primordial beginning by effecting a reversal of the cosmology. Tantric practice becomes a banging together, as it is nothing less than a reenactment of that essential primordial moment.

Yet the orgasmic sexual union is not the ultimate goal of the practice. It is a doorway. The goal is still to return to that primordial moment. The experience of reality as an orgasmic sexual union allows the prediscursive (not divided into many) consciousness to arise. It recollects the universe of divided forms into the bliss of nondual infinity, into Shiva.