by Skanda


My name is Skanda

We are here to play the divine game called life. Life is like a playground, like a puzzle. A finest, greatest work of art. A real masterpiece.

I’m a modern tantric yogi, free spirit and truth seeker. In search of the magic of existence and peace of nonexistence. An inner alchemist in a constant process of self-transformation. Teacher, traveler, in love with art, photography and music. 

This blog and my work I’m putting into it Is dedicated to all of you who are following and reading it.  Let it be beneficial for all of you. Let it give you inspiration to be your best or cheer you up when you are in your worst.

In my post I’m sharing with you my insights, experience, and knowledge I’ve gain through my life. It is a place to express free spirit, to share my enthusiasm and passion. For me it is a journey into self-discovery, letting go need of control and being correct, overcoming fears and discovering inner strength. It is a diary of an alchemical transformation process which is my life.

I commit to taking my mask off and following Truth and authenticity. I will be writing about topics which are occupying my awareness – self-realisation, spiritual enlightenment, consciousness, yoga, tantra, healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, traveling, veganism, sexuality, altered states of consciousness and probably much more. I’ll be sharing pictures, uploading videos and music.