Back in the days, I used to say, “everything is happening for a reason”. Why did I stop? Because this is just a mind game, a mental illusion which my mind makes up to feel better.

The characteristic of a mind is reasoning. A mind is a tool that is always looking for a reason. Its role is to make sense out of reality and our experience. How great advantage it gives, everyone knows. But it also has downsides.  

What the mind is supposed to do, is to interpret, and give meaning to the perception. And how is it doing? Literally by guessing. Guessing, based on the data that it already has (on past experience). Why do you believe that “everything is happening for a reason”? Most probably, because in the past you have experienced an event which was unpleasant, hard, or demanding. And this hard event caused or lead to some positive event in the future. And if that hard event won’t happen, the positive event wouldn’t occur.

Did I experience something like that? Of course, the most surprising, positive stories of my life have happened this way. So what’s wrong with saying that? Nothing, as far as you understand it is a defensive mechanism of your mind (some people like to call it ego). That is blocking unwanted feelings or frustration caused by some unpleasant and demanding events. It makes us feel better if we tell our self a story – this unpleasant event will lead me to some great reward in the future. There is a great surprise waiting for me, just behind the corner. And if not this horrible event that has happened to me this surprise wouldn’t be there. The mind doesn’t know the future, no one knows. And because it doesn’t know it is guessing.

You never know what’s coming and this is the beauty of life. Life is endless drifting into the unknown. The magic which is behind all the events, magic which makes that show go on, is not limited to reasoning like as human mind. And that magic is also all of us, but it is hidden behind our mental activity.

And don’t get me wrong I’m not preaching for killing the mind. I’m just feeding your mind with new data. That the next time your mind will think “everything is happening for a reason”, you stop for a moment and just laugh…