I grew up in a Catholic country. I remember being a kid and praying to the Catholic God, asking him not to send me a call of the priesthood. I was afraid that if God will choose me to become a priest, I can’t back out. I didn’t want to be a priest. Fortunately, he (The Catholic God) never spoke to me back. He remained eternal silent, never asking me or telling me anything. Which makes me feel relief.

That fact he was never interested to interact with me pushed me to investigate. After years of searching, studying different religions and philosophies, doing serious spiritual practices I can say, quoting Nietzsche, God is dead. And if I need to call myself somehow, I’ll call myself an atheist. An adversary religious beliefs and their dogmas. A total disbeliever, because there is nothing to believe. God, soul, life after death, justice, good and evil… these are only the concepts, existing in the human collective consciousness. Nowhere else.

Christianity (same as Islam) doesn’t like yoga, because yoga a method which will finally excoriate you from all the believes, all the ideas on which Christianity and all the other religions are founded. By yoga, I don’t mean gymnastic exercises practiced in yoga studios for the purpose of health, looking good, or being trendy. Nothing wrong with that, but by yoga I mean the system of various techniques of purification, self-discipline, and self-inquiry leading to Samadhi or Moksha (liberation).

Moksha – the final liberation, is a realization, an experience of the totality. Reaching the end of your mind, when you realize that all your believes are only mental concepts, ideas. It is an honest understanding that this all spirituality and religion is just a cultural thing. A trick of the mind, a part of the collective subconsciousness. A fairy tale repeated by the masses on which our culture stands.

Moksha is not denial, or being against something or heaving an opinion. It is not some sort of a magical state when you start seeing auras, walking on the water, and rising deads or shooting lasers from your eyes. It has nothing to do with imagination. It is totally unimaginative. Free from all the meaning, proprieties, commandments. Free of guilt, shame, or pride. It is a simple, undisturbed awareness of existence. Nothing more than that. Pure, honest, untroubled with a thought or a meaning. Just being. Whatever…