Lalita Tripura Sundari has a prominent position in both Kashmiri and South Indian Tantrism. She is the third of the Mahavidyas. She embodies desire and a universal creative force. The desire bringing the universe into being. It is the cosmic erotic impulse that makes the world goes around. She is driving power of life, which makes the world keep revolving in the round of Samsara, the endless cycle of life.

Lalita personifies all forms of desire. From a sexual desire to longing for spiritual fulfillment. She is the one who channels mundane desire into spiritual aspiration.

She is the power of spiritual bliss. An ecstasy of spiritual experience. The feminine kind of self-realization, obtain through radical pleasure, through complete openness and vulnerability.

She is the nurturing power of love for the existence. Thank you Great Mother for the Grace you pour on me 🙏❤️