It’s my longest romance ever. It took the last 8 years. I totally fall in love with her beauty and charm. Through all these years she gave me so much.

Thanks to her I dive deep into yoga, I discovered tantric metaphysics and esoteric knowledge. I became a part of the tantric yogis community. She introduced me to tantric sexuality and initiated me into it. She gave me the space to practice yoga and spirituality. Thanks to her I discovered movement and new alternative ways of working with the body and it’s mobility.

Just after I met her I became vegetarian, quit smoking weed, and drinking alcohol. I fixed my relationship with my father.

She hosted my first ecstatic dance parties. She was the one who created a safe space for me to explore psychedelics and Ayahuasca. She connected me with inspiring people. Through her, I met my dearest friends.

She gave me freedom. Liberated me from so many ideas, bondages, and cultural conditionings. She nourished me. I felt loved, I felt I belong, I felt happy.

I’m so grateful my dear love, that you exist. I’m so grateful, I have found you, my dear Koh Phangan. You are always in my heart ❤️