The lockdown is slowly finishing. I was quite reserved to comment on this situation before, but at this stage, I can finally say it – for me the pandemic lockdown in this form was a wrong decision of the world’s governments.

The cost of the lockdown (ie. economical, social, even health) is huge and the precautions taken by the governments proved to be disproportionate. Looking from the big picture perspective this pandemic lockdown feels to me as a mockery, a planned and coordinated operation for the benefit of some interests. A big global scam. By that I mean, that some interest groups helped to create a panic and a strong pressure on the governments to impose the lockdown.

The pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO). The same organization and same people announced the swine flu pandemic in 2010. As we remember that was a made-up scam, in favor of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. The goal of the 2010 pandemic was to sell to the world’s governments the vaccine for the virus which wasn’t a problem at all. That time some of the countries refused to buy the vaccine and the scam was exposed, but no one from WHO or pharmaceutical companies suffers the consequences of the whole scam.

This time the ‘specialists’ from WHO supported by the mainstream media, which created the global panic, were more successful than in 2010. Most of the governments decided to claim the pandemic and decree lockdown.

WHO has an image of the organization of impartial professionals in the field of healthcare, who are serving humanity. But in fact, it is an organization sponsored by the big business, and their members are most often related to the big business world and corporations. They won’t ever stand up against their benefactors. And will take care of their interests first. Their fairness will be always debatable as they are highly exposed to the risk of corruption.

Looking at the figures at the end of April we can say that the new virus is not more dangerous or deadly than the seasonal flu viruses, which are already known. The total number of deaths caused by the new virus is not higher than the death rate of the flue. And most of the patients who died classified as the virus victims were usually suffering from the other serious sicknesses. Recently made studies show, that healthy people can fight the infection without any or very minor symptoms. There is also no significant evidence that strict lockdown decreased the number of deaths.

I don’t know who is lobbing WHO this time. It doesn’t matter if we called them big pharma or bankers. What seems to be the more relevant question is, why someone wanted to create global panic and locked people in their houses? And also, which direction this situation is going to lead us?

The pandemic looks directly related to another important event. The upcoming 5G technology. But not exactly in the way that some conspiracy theories specialist trying to prove. For those who implement the new technology, this pandemic looks like a gift from heaven. As the lockdown appeared exactly in a moment when 5G antennas are being installed all over the world. So people can’t gather and protest against it. The media, so as most of the people, are busy with a virus topic and they don’t pay too much attention to the new technology launch.

The pandemic has risen panic and fear. This might favor the new legislations allowing companies/organizations or services to collect more data about the people, track and control them. And this is what the 5G technology is needed for. The new, fast network is created to be able to collect and send big amounts of data as well as track everyone. This is something that we should take into concern. That’s why there is so much misinformation around that topic, including ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Soon we might be witnessing the appearance of a new company (most probably in the form of the organization like WHO) which will be collecting and processing all the data about all the humans on this planet. Their algorithms will be tracking people, recognizing, and categorizing into the groups. The system might not only track where we have been but also recognize the people with who we meet, and recognize the places we visited.

This will open the way to the global system collecting and unifying all the data, including those which already are gathered. Starting from our purchases, interests, hobbies, friends circles, political preferences, finishing on the bank, and tax history. It can also watch our behaviors and evaluate them. There are already systems like that in China.

The owner of this new database will be the ‘new ruler of the world’. The designer of the new world order…

When this will happen, it will open the way for creating a global cashless society and economy. Where there is no more national federal banks or the national bank systems but one institution controlling all the transactions. This system might eliminate the currency as we know it now. It might replace it with the rating score. For the individuals, it might turn out that access to various goods and services will be dependent not on your wealth or possession, but on your rating score in the global system. The transactions outside of the system will be eliminated. The new rich will be not those who own something, but those who are reliable to the system and have a voluminous credit limit. Probably some of you will say, it is already happening. Most of the people are living already in debt. And there are already rating systems. Yes, that’s true, but the new system will decrease or eliminate the gray zone in which you can earn or get some cash on the side. It can also create new, not economical, factors that will be considered in the overall rating score.

The scary part is that this system can be oppressive and can be used against anyone who will try to oppose those who own it. In ‘wrong’ hands it the perfect tool of the dictatorship. But if the new system will be wisely managed for the sake of serving humanity. If it will be honest, transparent, concerning civil rights and liberties it might be a great revelation for this planet.

Coming back to the present moment, we are finishing the lockdown. It is a significant moment. It is important now to stay calm. To stop the global panic, fear, and public mistrust. This fear will be the grist to the mill to those who might want to create a new oppressive system. We should think positively. Use more logic. Switch of the media. Show to the others that there is nothing to be afraid of. To be kind to each other. To stay alert and stand up against any attempts of limiting our civil rights if it is needed.

I hope that the situation soon will be becoming more normal. The unnecessary restriction will be over. We will be able to gather again, enjoy the culture, celebrate, create new movements. Make this world a happier and better place.