Every sun ray contains a shadow within it. I don’t mean that the shadow appears when the ray meets an object. There is a shadow within the sun. The sun and its shadow represent the field of conscientiousness. This shadow is the dark side of ‘I’. It is the alter ego. The negative, unwanted part of our personality. The totality of our disagreeable qualities, which we attempt to hide.

Our western, having Christian-origin civilization is constantly aiming for perfection and purity. It falsely idealizing God as something ultimately good. The absolute pure light, without any blemish. However this God might be attractive to our ‘I’, it is false. It is alien to the human. Believing or worshiping this kind of God means putting our-self in a trap. A trap of rigid perfectionism and fanaticism.

That’s why so-called civilized people were able to easily kill anyone and destroy anything that was standing on their way to this vision of pure happiness and divine idyll. Civilized people with their suppressed instincts are more dangerous than primitive man, who doesn’t distinguish this duality.

We are collectively conditioned to suppress the shadow, the dark side within us. More we deny it and suppress it, the shadow expands and starts living its own life at the periphery of our conscious cognition. If the process of separation ‘I’ from the shadow goes too far and we don’t want to acknowledge the negative side than our subconscious mind compensates it without our awareness. We start feeling depressed or attracting strange accidents and misfortune in our life. Our natural reaction is invoking our strengths, which we believe we know very well. The thing is, that the crisis won’t appear if we would be integrated. The crisis is supposed to highlight our fears, cunning, neglecting, naive fantasies, and irresistible desire to subordinate everything to our own, egocentric interests.

The solution might be the confrontation with the shadow. Abandoning phantasmagoria of perfect ‘I’- ness and focusing attention on noticing the endless paradox of every situation. Seeing the big picture and admitting to ourselves that the cause of all our crises is our unawareness.

Let us give our minds a break from constant narcissistic play. A break from constant exhibiting our strength and beauty. Let’s enjoy the cooling aspect of the shadow and accept that life appears as an endless play of two opposing poles.