I just moved to Berlin. I was super happy to find a cool place where I can start teaching yoga regularly. Unfortunately, all yoga schools got shut down for the next month…

We are living in a very interesting moment. This current situation will cause significant long term changes. I’m mostly curious about what will happen with the economy and who will pay the bill of the quarantine. Many shut down companies and individuals don’t have resources to survive this break. They can’t gain income and still need to pay their expenses (insurance, taxes, rents, salaries, etc.). I’m really curious how this will affect the global social and economical situation. Will it create a global economical crisis?

I’m also curious about how it will affect public life? Will it become normal to wear a mask and gloves in public spaces, avoid public gatherings, move most interactions to the online, virtual reality? Will it be harder to travel?

What kind of new laws will be applied? What new restrictions, new control mechanisms? How governments will limit our freedom?

Hopefully, something good will appear out of it.