This mask symbolizes the protest against limiting women’s rights and civil rights! It is also the symbol of support for women in Poland.

The Polish populist government tries once again to tighten abortion laws in the country. They use the coronavirus pandemic lock-down to push through the legislation.

Poland already has some of the strictest legislation in Europe on abortion. In Poland, abortion is already illegal except in cases of rape, incest, severe fetal abnormalities, or in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

The situation in the country is quite complicated and might be hard to understand for a person who doesn’t know the political and historical background. To make it short, since 2015 in Poland rules populist, national socialist party (PiS). Their government and the president are constantly limiting the civil rights to take full control and establish authoritarian rule over the country. The scale of nepotism and brutal propaganda in governmental media has reached the level unseen since the overthrow of communism in 1989! And the government does it with the eager support of the catholic church, their followers as well as those voters who like their aggressive politic, nationalistic and homophobic propaganda, and those who profit from social benefits which the government legislated to favor their followers. For those inserted in history, it might sound like the situation in Germany in the 1930s. Well, that’s how it looks for me.

I’m not a big fan of any political party. I’m not a fan of the abortion either, but I’m a big fan of civil rights! Of freedom of choice! A big fan of women’s rights, feminism, and ecofeminism! I wish to live in a modern, liberal society that is based on the feminine principles of care, and acceptance equally to the masculine principles.